Nils Lofgren

August 3rd, Sunday night, I had the honor to sit down with Nils for a one on one interview at his hotel in Los Angeles to discuss his new box set FACE THE MUSIC (out Aug 5). Nils talks about this grassroots project, which is a retrospective look at his work as a solo artist spanning over 5 decades and still going strong. The process of putting together 10 discs, one DVD, 169 tracks, and a beautifully illustrated 136 page booklet with an intro by none other than Dave Marsh, and produced by wife and all around sweetheart Amy Lofgren.

We go back to his roots, how he discovered the joy of music, what it was like touring at the ripe age of 19, opening for his hero Jimi Hendrix. We talk about what these last few years have been like traveling the world with the E Street Band. Nils shares the differences and joys he gets from being part of a team which is the E Street band, to being a solo artist, and frontman of his own band. Telling memorable stories of different performances throughout his early career up to today. I learned what the correct term is of his famous twirls, while doing one of a his famous searing guitar solos, what it was like performing in tremendous amount of pain on the Magic tour. One incredible story in particular he shares is a task (I don't know what else to call it) Bruce decided to hand him in the middle of the High Hopes tour in Europe, only a true musical savant could master!

It was an hour and 30 minutes of un-edidited, non-stop fascinating stories from a man who is humorous and relatable, makes you feel comfortable all while forgetting that he is one serious Rock Star!!


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