Jim Rotolo – Host of E Street Radio on Sirius XM

This month's guest is the lovable Jim Rotolo host of of The Wild and The Innocent and Live from E Street Nation w/Dave Marsh on E Street Radio. Lynette and Jim spend some time talking about the hardcore fans on Twitter, Facebook and Backstreets.com. Jim talks about his job at E Street and how he started his "tailgate" style show The Wild And the Innocent for Friday night drive time. Buckle up, Lynette's fired up and excited to talk to Jim who Lynette's been a long time fan of and listens to every week on Sirius/XM.

They both share some surreal and incredible stories of meeting the boss himself and spending time with him. Jim had the opportunity to work with Bruce at his home studio, had lunch with him (turkey sandwiches) while recording some of his DJ stints for E St. Radio. Lynette talks in detail of how she ended up having a 45 minute conversation with Bruce at a benefit in NYC. She was able to ask him all kinds of questions such as how he has the energy to do what he does night after night. Does he ever feel like going home instead of onstage and watch Sports Center and have a cheese burger. She also talks w/ Bruce about all the archival videos of him and the band on online and if he ever watches himself on YouTube.

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