Bald Bryan


A Man In Pain...

Long time partner of husband Adam, (going way back to Loveline days) Bryan Bishop AKA Bald Bryan sits down for a one on one conversation on the Tunnel Of Love album. Although Bryan doesn’t consider himself a Springsteen fanatic, he does put Bruce up at the top of his list of all time favorite bands. Bryan talks about discovering Bruce at age 12 listening to Tunnel of Love and the Springsteen Live Box set, falling asleep to at night with his headphones. After discussing a little bit of what Bruce and his music means to Bryan, they break down the Tunnel of Love album song by song.

The storytelling of Tunnel of Love seemed to have been written during a dark and tumultuous time in Bruce’s life. Two years after basking in the glory of his newfound fame, coming off the biggest tour of his lifetime, the Born In the USA tour, this is a man writing about his own identity crisis, about relationships and break ups. As Producer Gary plays each song in consecutive order, Bryan and Lynette dig into the lyrics of each song, pointing out the deep meaning to the story Bruce is telling throughout the album. A real eye opener to any Springsteen fan who never really spent time listening to his most underrated album. This episode is compelling no matter Springsteen fan or just a fan of beautiful music about life and love. This is a must listen. As Bryan’s mother pointed out to him when the album came out...this is a man in pain.

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