Born in Cleveland, raised in Southern California, mother to 7 year old twins, wife to comedian and podcast pioneer Adam Carolla, Lynette has been a Springsteen fan since 1981.

Lynette's passion for Springsteen and the E street Band was amplified by the 2007 world wide tour and four new albums Springsteen produced within 7  years.  Since having the twins 7 years ago, Lynette has been to close to 30 live shows around the country including Boston, Chicago, NYC and of course New Jersey. One of the most memorable events was in 2009 when Bruce played at Giants Stadium before it was torn down.  Lynette stood in the rain for 8 hours for the lottery of wristbands for access to the pit. Call it post-pardem depression, midlife crises or just possibly a resurrection of life, love and faith.

This podcast provides an intimate and relaxed environment where Lynette shares stories with a wide-range of well-known luminaries in the world of entertainment. Listen in as the guests talk about his songs, lyrics and concerts, wax nostalgia and go deep on how "the ministry of Rock and Roll" has become an influential part of their lives.